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Sports  // Posts tagged as "Sports"

13 May Posted by in Family, Sarah | Comments

Some soccer, some happy, and some shoes

Some soccer, some happy, and some shoes

Went to the girls’ soccer game while we were in Michigan. Love this pic of Big Sister Abby defending the ball for Little Sister Ruthie. Check out that stride! Get it out, Hoopie! Is that a goalie or is that a ninja?? We also celebrated Mother’s Day. I know moms don’t take lots of pictures with their […]


05 Dec Posted by in Athletics, Sarah, Work | Comments

Bball Time Again

I (Sarah) had another fun time at the basketball game fundraiser. This time one of the Colts cheerleaders actually joined us in the game. I’m all, “Pu-leeeease, don’t insult me!” And then. She swished a three!! Man oh man. She was cool after that! (The photo was one of our many fun “plays”–volleyball! We also […]


07 Jul Posted by in Family | Comments

Important News Flash

Well, first before the news flash, we just wanted to share what a great time we had this past weekend. Spent Wednesday in Chicago without a map, directions, or any clear plans whatsoever. We got lost, watched a movie (James’ first 3D one!), ate well, and had an all-around good time! Thursday was spent with […]


05 Dec Posted by in Athletics, Sarah, Work | 1 comment

The Newest Edition of the Harlem Globetrotters

Friday, November 14th was the annual Leesburg vs. Harrison faculty basketball game. It’s in its third year, and I’ve (Sarah) been priviledged to participate every year. We use it as an opportunity to raise food for Combined Community Services (CCS). Each year it’s gotten bigger than the last. This year we had to move to […]


22 Sep Posted by in Athletics, Sarah | Comments

Vball update.

Volleyball’s been going really well. Loving the “in-charge” part of it! :) It’s definitely been an interesting adjustment from college ball. I also never played in elementary, so I have very little experience at this level! It’s just been funny. Things like, one of our girls (b team) will hit the ball, it will head […]


30 Aug Posted by in Sarah, Work | 1 comment

They’re filling up our rosters.

And…Erik made the team! Hurray! However, it wasn’t a happy story all around. In fact, that was pretty traumatic news for one of the fathers whose son didn’t make the team. Somehow he found out that a Mexican boy made the team who doesn’t even speak English.  He wanted to know the school’s policy on […]


21 Aug Posted by in Sarah, Work | Comments

“Mr. Glass, can I play soccer?”

I was working with 6th grader Erik from Mexico. Doesn’t speak a lick of English. I sat with him and his buddies this morning at breakfast, just to get a feel for how he’s doing. He mentioned then that he didn’t realize soccer tryouts were yesterday and how bummed he was (he played on several […]


Surfs Up!

Yep, I (James) did it! I surfed for the first time successfully (second time trying). Who would have thought that Winona Lake was capable of creating totally tubular waves for surfing. Actually, I wouldn’t even call them waves—it is just the wake of the boat. Inland Surfing is similar to wake boarding, but not really. […]