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Teaching  // Posts tagged as "Teaching"

08 Jan Posted by in Sarah | 1 comment

A lesson in Sunday school

A lesson in Sunday school

This is an illustration of how Christ washes our sins away. 1. Write your name in permanent marker on a small square of fabric. Place it inside a heart. God created us and loves us. 2. Color your thumb with any washable marker. This will represent our sin. 3. Dirty your heart with your thumb. Color your […]


08 Mar Posted by in Family, Noticings | 4 comments


Public school, charter school, Christian school, private school, home school. We watched “Waiting for Superman” this weekend and started thinking about the type of education we want our children to have. It’s a documentary that follows a few students in a few failing schools, but it’s enough to get you all worked up about the […]


11 Jun Posted by in Sarah, Work | Comments

Three-generational learning

What a unique opportunity I had this evening. I tutor Zaira two times a week; we just started this week. On Tuesday, we spent much of our time studying outside, as it was so beautiful. Mom kept coming out, asking us if we wanted to come inside, if we needed a drink, etc. I declined […]


14 Apr Posted by in Sarah, Work | 1 comment

Something New; Something Fun!

(This picture is from when my students shared their Las Posadas experiences with their classmates. It’s a Mexican Christmas tradition.) So…Lena Winn is amazing. She came up with our EslExpress postal service in our classroom (basically slyly getting kids to write by having them write letters to us or their friends and people can respond). […]


20 Dec Posted by in Sarah, Work | 2 comments

“What? No school?!”

‘Twas the last day of school Before Christmas Break All the teachers were cool Knowing the naps they’d soon take When what to their ears In the morning they heard Was the telephone ringing “No school?! That’s absurd!” But secretly, silently All of them grinned And closed up their eyes And pulled blankets to chins […]


11 Dec Posted by in Sarah, Work | Comments

“My birthday is March. April.”

Kindergartener about her birthday: “My birthday is March. April.” Me: “Oh, your birthday is March April?” Her: “Yes, my birthday is March April. *pause* 25. *pause* August.” Somebody’s slightly confused…:P


05 Dec Posted by in Athletics, Sarah, Work | 1 comment

The Newest Edition of the Harlem Globetrotters

Friday, November 14th was the annual Leesburg vs. Harrison faculty basketball game. It’s in its third year, and I’ve (Sarah) been priviledged to participate every year. We use it as an opportunity to raise food for Combined Community Services (CCS). Each year it’s gotten bigger than the last. This year we had to move to […]


23 Sep Posted by in Sarah, Work | Comments

“We get to be teachers to teachers?!”

So last night, I and a group of 3 elementary students and 1 middle schooler went to Grace College to teach future teachers about ESL students. What fun! As I went around to their houses to pick them up, these students came out of their homes looking like I’d never seen them before. Sunday best, […]


30 Aug Posted by in Sarah, Work | 1 comment

They’re filling up our rosters.

And…Erik made the team! Hurray! However, it wasn’t a happy story all around. In fact, that was pretty traumatic news for one of the fathers whose son didn’t make the team. Somehow he found out that a Mexican boy made the team who doesn’t even speak English.  He wanted to know the school’s policy on […]


21 Aug Posted by in Sarah, Work | Comments

“Mr. Glass, can I play soccer?”

I was working with 6th grader Erik from Mexico. Doesn’t speak a lick of English. I sat with him and his buddies this morning at breakfast, just to get a feel for how he’s doing. He mentioned then that he didn’t realize soccer tryouts were yesterday and how bummed he was (he played on several […]