Important News Flash

Important News Flash

102_6771 Well, first before the news flash, we just wanted to share what a great time we had this past weekend. Spent Wednesday in Chicago without a map, directions, or any clear plans whatsoever. We got lost, watched a movie (James’ first 3D one!), ate well, and had an all-around good time! Thursday was spent with family (Erin and I wrote music for one of my songs!); Friday was for hiking, cornhole, and APT (Shakespeare play in an outdoor theater) with Steph and Adam soon-to-be Hartung. Saturday was my (Sarah’s) fav day definitely because we got to play VOLLEYBALL! And softball, cornhole, and frisbee, but most importantly–VOLLEYBALL! Still feeling it. We also had the pleasure of catching up with Pat and Molly Vesperman, most excellent of friends. It’s amazing how Christ can infiltrate a relationship and allow connections to be made that just couldn’t between other people.

Anyways, on to the NEWS FLASH you all have been waiting for…

JAMES GOT A THIRD INTERVIEW WITH HARPER COLLEGE!!!!!! (Yes, James, I just used 6 exclamation points.) The interivew is for this Monday. After this, we’ll find out if they’ll offer him the position. Praise the Lord for His answering prayer in this way. Will keep you posted!

Now, from the mouth of the man: “Please keep praying. Sarah and I are very excited about this opportunity. However, it is scary at the same time. Sarah’s enthusiasm has been very encouraging (thank God I have her!). Please pray that my faith and trust in God, His timing, and His direction will wither my fear. We continue to praise Him for this open door. My prayer is that I would ‘trust God in the dark’ and that He will ‘go before me and make the crooked places straight’ (A.W. Tozer’s Knowledge of the Holy).”

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