Cousin Timmy & a Lego Show

Cousin Timmy & a Lego Show

Our lil’ cuz turned TWO right after Liddi turned ONE.IMG_6252

So naturally, we had to celebrate…at the Essenhaus…IMG_6192

…Lego-style! (Seriously, we just sat and stared
and this whole complex Lego city block–
made by one of my siblings’ teachers, amazing!)IMG_6194

And the cousins all crafted together.IMG_6204

There’s my (chopped-off, sorry, bro) LITTLE
brother with his cute wife and their TWO boys.
Guys, anyone else freaking out that we’re all ADULTS?!

After much Lego perusing, we rode the trolley
back to the restaurant. What a beautiful day!IMG_6210

Liddi loved her new water baby from Grammie.
Best part is apparently chewing on her rubber toes.IMG_6221

And me and my beautiful Grandma. I love her so much.IMG_6211

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