Jaeda Turned 5!

Jaeda Turned 5!

Jaeda turned five last month! She picked an ice cream theme for her very first friend birthday party.
I asked her if she’d like me to surprise her with a decorated house after she went to bed or if she’d like to help with the decorating. She wanted to help, so we spent the week buying supplies, blowing up balloons, and beautifying the house.

(It rained, and all our outdoor decorations started melting, waaaah.)

Outdoor activities ready.

The beautiful birthday girl in her beautiful birthday dress.

Jaeda shared a pair of her new sticker earrings with Liddi for the special occasion.

Jaeda insisted on an all-girls party. It surprised me because she has so many great boy friends.

The faithful coloring artist hard at work.

Pin the scoop on the cone.

Sand table play for the little siblings.

We made these ice cream cone bird feeders.

I had planned for Corban to hang out with the older brothers at the park, but then it rained and older brothers went elsewhere. Corban ended up being our servant, putting things away, getting things that were needed. He had a great attitude about it and ended up having a great time!

I couldn’t have thrown this party without Hannah’s help! (It’s that crawling, into-everything baby that’s kinda rocking the boat these days.)

A dozen precious little girls.

The brothers came back in time for the ice cream sundae bar. They hid in the kitchen;)

I prefer to have parties on the actual date of their birth. Just a thing for me.

We map out the presents to be opened throughout the day. Breakfast is usually something that can be worn; lunch something that can be watched or read; supper something that can be played with. (At least, that’s how the tradition has evolved to this point.)

Oh my darling Jaeda; the happiest of birthdays to you!

  • Alisha
    Posted at 17:58h, 16 September Reply

    Loved being a part of this day!

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