Sam finally got to #hitchthehutchens

Sam finally got to #hitchthehutchens

My baby brother (forever, sorry, bro!) got married last month! We’re up to 8 beautiful sisters in this family!

James was a groomsman and my sister and I sang PLUS my other brother and sister-in-law were both in the wedding party and have two kids, so Grammie and Papa had some kid duties during the rehearsal and kind people were willing to hold babies during the ceremony.

Handsome Jon (with a very handsome James behind him)

Jaeda and Timmy were flower girl and ring bearer.
Jaeda has a lot of anxiety when she knows people are looking at her with certain expectations. James walked down with her at the last wedding; I did this time.

(wiping away tears)

Mary and I singingĀ The Prayer.
(See that redheaded girl in the wedding party? She’s my littlest sis, 14 years old.)

Five Mrs. Hutchens.

My entire IMMEDIATE family. Parents, siblings, and their kids.
And it’s only getting bigger. (Two babies on the way. #notmine)

They’re both just so stunning!

Mighty fine there, gentlemen!

And this is what kids do while the families take their mountains of pictures.

James joined me during the reception in feeding children after enjoying time at the bridal party table. But many others helped in the meantime!

Jaeda sat with Aunt Abby & Hoopie (those girls, I MEAN! *whistle*)

We stayed as long as we could. Cru was starting to meltdown, but we were just trying to push through. But when my mom found Liddi curled up on the ground sobbing, we knew it was time. Made it til 8:30. Tis our season….

So yeah, definitely missed this pic ha.

Many blessings, Jon & Sam!

  • Samantha Hutchens
    Posted at 09:23h, 19 August Reply

    This is beautiful Sarah!! I love looking back on the memories <3 We're so glad you all could come, love you all!

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