While we were waiting…

While we were waiting…

Crusoe was due to join our family around September 6th. We’ve had babies as early as 9 days before their due date and as late as on their due date. But when my friends Bryanne and Alisha went a week over with their 4ths, I had this sneaking suspicion that this was foreshadowing for our 4th. (Turns out, it was.) I believe more now than ever before that bar medical emergencies, God designed our babies to come when they are ready (read: not when I’m ready). I felt so peaceful and so patient…most of the time, just a couple of relapses;)

So while we waited, we walked.img_0807

And practiced cuddling babies.img_0830

And read (and cried at) newborn books…img_0859

…that promoted family and diaper changing
and breastfeeding and ordinary daily life with a baby.img_0860

And decorated our birth “cave.”


Then we walked some more.img_0870

And encouraged him to come.
(Thanks for helping him along, Jess;))img_0882

And took the one last final preggo pic.img_0887

And tried out the rock ‘n play
(thanks, Becca!).


Then three days before his due date,
contractions got close together
for a long time
but without pain.

It was slightly confusing, but
we decided to have Auntie Anna come anyway
just in case.


And then she went home
and it was a week later
and we were walking
and playing
and waiting.
(Thanks, MudLove for the awesome
#blockoflove to keep us occupied!)
img_0901 img_0902 img_0904

Finally 4 days after his due date,
contractions got harder, though still infrequent.
So we took the for-real-this-time-absolutely-last pregnancy photo.
(It worked!)img_1048

So we called Anna again and hoped against hope that this was IT.

And it was.

But that is for the next post.

  • Alisha
    Posted at 20:46h, 22 September Reply

    Love this! And a shout out? I feel famous! :) I’m thankful the Lord helped you wait.

  • The Birth of Crusoe Conrad: NOT a Short Story
    Posted at 11:53h, 22 September Reply

    […] The last post ended with Saturday evening, September 10th, wondering if tonight was the night. (It wasn’t, but it was close.) The hard contractions fizzled out by evening, so we went to bed and hoped he would come soon. Sunday morning I had one hard contraction that convinced me to stay home from church. And then. No other ones. Midwife Shannon came to check me, just to give me some peace of mind that either things were progressing…or that it would still be a while. (These things never guarantee anything, but I was ready to at least think I knew something!) Well, I was already at 5cm. Woo! But not in active labor. Boo. So James and Auntie Anna took the kids to church, and I went for a long walk. And had zero contractions. ZERO. Sigh. The church picnic was right after church, so I decided delicious free food was a fair alternative to having a baby. Had a couple good Cs there, but nothing to write home about. We came home, and I went for another 1-mile walk. With a couple good Cs. But just a couple. […]

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