May 2016

May 2016

25 baby weeks came in May

as well as did my special dayDSC_1901

James made me himself
my birthday cake

and hid ’round the house
mint candies to take

Jaeda’s gals love to dance with a manDSC_1908

my business cards came
as pinkĀ as we planned

then I found this shirt
to match my cardsFullSizeRender

and sold our most ever
(tho the wind blew so hard)IMG_0091

we forgotĀ the kids’ cots
but it didn’t matterIMG_0008

liddi loves pears
(and how much they splatter)IMG_0058

some folks make fun
of my small melon bites

James stayed in this hotel
(he has no fear of heights)

our Jaeda girl loves
to gather yard flowers

tilts her head to be precious
(forever she’s ours)

Corban still loves
every t-ball game

as does Liddi girl
their flowers aren’t lameIMG_0150

they both pick me flowers
both straight ones and tiltedIMG_0151

(but by the time we get home
they’re so far past wilted)

James and I got away
for our once-a-month date
FullSizeRender-1biked down a big hill
then sat down to wait

and that was most of May
from the pics on my phone
lots of outdoors
and plenty to roam

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