April 2016

April 2016


Corban joined his first t-ball league this spring.
Just over an hour once or twice a week.
We’ve enjoyed spending time together as a family
cheering him on! (And picking flowers, running around, etc.)
He’s our little athletic one, that boy.

IMG_0042 IMG_0047 IMG_0109

Uncle Jon came for a visit on his way home from college.
Liddi was enamored with his ukulele skills.
Corban just wanted to sword fight.IMG_0081


Jaeda is always wearing a dress. Especially this one.
She calls it her fairy dress and says it’s particularly
perfect for scootering and skateboarding.
She’s our little diva tomboy, that girl.

DSC_1832 DSC_1842 DSC_1845

Apparently, we played too long at the park this day.
(That or she was having a bad attitude day.
I try to forget such things.)


Jaeda’s favorite part of t-ball is
the flowers and worms…

…and building homes for her newfound friends.


This little beauty is a walking/running machine.
She’s so happy, always happy. She brings so many
smiles and giggles to this family. Love her!

DSC_1849 DSC_1855 DSC_1865

Church is still tricky for her, as she just hasn’t quite given
up her morning nap. Sometimes, she sits with us and naps.



Bestie Becca had a little boy with a birthday in April!
We came up for some friend time and a (free!) visit
to a children’s museum. Golly, we miss them.


We love our dandelions in this family.
Mostly, they come out of the ground
and end up on our faces and arms.


And, of course, neighbor dog Roman is basically a part of our family.
He and Corban race up and down the fence line often.
He’s pretty fast for such short legs;)DSC_1886

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