March 2016

March 2016

I do so hate when my babies are sick,
but they just never seem to be as still (and precious). DSC_1749

Liddi’s started walking right at 13 months
(par for the course around here)
and was ready to start scootering the next week.DSC_1758

Our weekly book one week was The Gingerbread Man,
so naturally we had to make our own.
(Don’t worry; we caught them all.)

On our beautiful drive home from Michigan,
we just had to have the windows cracked.
Jaeda was so thrilled that no matter how difficult
it was to keep her arm up there, she was committed!IMG_1906

I organized a homeschool trip to our local fire station.
The kids still talk about it. (Liddi was less impressed.)

But at least they got to stand next to their bestie.
Seriously, that boy. He’s NINE MONTHS younger
than Corban. Talk about some tall genes!IMG_20160309_161034

James and I took a weekend away to…
a homeschool convention! It was actually
fun to have uninterrupted time to learn together.
(Well, uninterrupted aside from my bronchitis cough.)

These ladies. Boy, am I thankful to be on this
homeschooling journey with them!IMG_1979

The kids stayed in Michigan.
Liddi’s favorite part was this window–
moooooo! she’d shout. Lovely country cows.IMG_1981

Aaaand this is Liddi’s cleaning style.
“There’s far too much organization here, Mom.
Let me help you.” Sigh. Someday… (someday?!)…IMG_1953

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