Jaeda’s Pain

Jaeda’s Pain

There once was a little girl named Jaeda
who loved to swing from grown-up arms.
One day, she jumped too hard and got a bad owie.
Of course, they were visiting family in Michigan.
Her mom and grammie took her to urgent care.
They were too nervous with Jaeda’s owie.
So they went to the ER.
It was already past nap time.
Poor Jaeda. Poor Mommy. Poor Grammie.
When they arrived, Jaeda was given a bracelet.
It had a tail that made Jaeda giggle.

Jaeda was in good spirits so long as they didn’t touch her arm.

Grammie let her school know that she wouldn’t be back soon.IMG_0735
Mr. John came to take some x-rays.
Little Jaeda was less than thrilled.
IMG_0759 IMG_0760 IMG_0761

Hearing your baby girl crying and screaming
unravels even the strongest mom’s resolve to be brave.
Jaeda was so sad from having to move her arm.IMG_0737

While they waited for the results,
Jaeda sneaked in a nap.IMG_0744

Then the doctor came in to say, “Nothing’s wrong with
your elbow, but we’d like to check your wrist. More x-rays!”

Grammie tried to cheer her up with a silly picture.IMG_0738

But it was the lullaby that seemed to do the trick.IMG_0742

The doctor said, “It might be fractured; it might be sprained.
Wait ten days, and come back for another x-ray.”
Nobody thought that was a good idea,
but they didn’t know what else to do.

So they went home with Jaeda’s arm wrapped and in a sling.

Jaeda figured out how to survive with one arm out of commission.IMG_0745

But that night, Jaeda only slept for three hours
because the pain was just too great.

Jaeda ate her cereal left-handed, and
they went back to Indiana the next day.

After another awful night’s sleep, they went in to see their
family doctor. He said, “It’s Nursemaid’s Elbow, sillies!”
Just like Corban’s elbow was a few years ago!
Jaeda’s mommy was perturbed. The ER doc had said,
“No way, can’t be. The x-ray says it’s not dislocated.”
Since Jaeda’s doctor couldn’t pop it back in place,
he sent them to an orthopaedic doctor. The new doctor
was able to pop it back in right away, and less than
three minutes later, Jaeda was using her arm 100%.
Then the new doctor said, “Mommy, let me teach you how
to do it, so you don’t have to pay so much money next time.”

They all cheered, “Hooray!” and Jaeda was ready to play and play.

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