Hoopie Surprise Party

Hoopie Surprise Party

Last weekend, we sneaked up to Michigan and helped throw a surprise party for my littlest sib, the servant-hearted Hoopie. It was all Anna and Abby’s idea. When you’re the youngest of ten kids, you’re lucky to get a special dinner, let alone a whole day of surprises. Actually, I don’t know much about her birthdays, because as crazy as this is, we’ve never lived more than a summer together. I graduated high school when she was born. WHAT. Ask my mom what that was like for her. Shew. Well, we wanted to celebrate her well for this, her twelfth birthday.

Liddi missed just about the whole day. I finally went in and unwrapped her after the many questions of “when’s Liddi gonna wake up??” And she still stayed asleep. Ha. FullSizeRender-17

Anna hosted us in her new house with a delicious brunch. Hoopie was brought in blind-folded and was sooo surprised. Score.
IMG_0493 IMG_0495 IMG_0496

Then we played at the park (side note: we brought the kids in their pjs…and didn’t pack their shoes, whoops! Grammie to the rescue bought my babies just whatever they wanted. *tear* Thanks, Mom), some watched their soccer game (we families took kids back for naps), ate some lupper, surprised her with friends for a gym night, and ended with Telestrations (aka The Paper Game–telephone in sketches) and yummy snacks.

IMG_0498 IMG_0499 IMG_0501We love you, Hoopie! Happy birthday!


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