Nesting, drawing, sleeping, crawling

Nesting, drawing, sleeping, crawling

So there’s this condition called nesting, and I’ve got it. The baby’s dresser is fully organized (as is the entire room!); pictures have been placed around the main floor (okay, so that’s something that should have been done a long time ago, but apparently I just needed the motivation of laboring at home to git ‘er done); closets have been emptied, purged, and reorganized; the fridge and stove have been cleaned–inside, out, behind, and under! I really, really wanna wash the windows, but it’s cold and they’re diiiiiirty. There’s still four weeks to go; I’m guessing it’ll work its way to the top of my list soon.

As every mom of littles knows, these kinds of projects are much, much easier done alone (or with the hubster), but I feel so strongly about including our kids. One, they love the sense of responsibility, of purpose, inside our family. Two, all of these things are building our anticipation for baby’s arrival; I want them to be as excited for baby as they were for Christmas! And three, having them help actually helps me get the motivation to do it. I’m tired and hurting…often (most of the time?) and would always choose to sit over work. But it feels good to accomplish something, to be productive, and working with people (even little people) makes the job that much more enjoyable.

For the stove project,
Corban was the vacuumer,
Jaeda was the sprayer (always),
and I was the washer.
They were so proud.
And I could feel my own mother smiling
all the way from Michigan.


Corban’s drawings have been getting more and more elaborate. He always surprises me by what he can draw/write (um like his name which I certainly didn’t teach him to write!). He just asks what he’s curious about, I answer, and next thing I know he’s bringing me his first guy. This particular guy is sad, says Corban, because he misses his mom. (Oh, to be gone long enough to be missed.) He has three eyes because Corban loves a good joke; when he showed me his three-eyed guy, he just laughed and laughed and laughed. (I asked him to give me a sad face when I took this pic; this was the best he could do due to his utter delight and giddiness at his own cleverness.)


Even with the pelvic pain of this pregnancy (which truly is mostly concentrated during my sleeping/laying hours), I’ve still been trying to walk to the library. It’s not nearly as frequent as past winters, but it’s always refreshing to breathe crisp air. Unfortunately, my discomfort causes me to walk the 1/2 mile really slowly, so on this last trip home, the kids fell asleep. (That’s only unfortunate because it resulted in a hyper nap time.) That also could have been due to the hour and a half we spent there, thanks to the monthly library lego hunt. (James and Corban went back this night, so that Corban could see if he could beat his last time. And so he could be the expert to his daddy. “Follow me, Dad!”)IMG_0132

Last Friday, there was an adoption fundraiser at the Joy Jungle. Every Wednesday morning, moms are invited to go at the price of only $3/kid (for one hour). Sadly, we haven’t gone at all this winter because crawling through tunnels (Jaeda still needs a little assistance going down the big rolly slide) is right at the top of my list of most painful activities. I was so thankful that we got the opportunity to go with Daddy! I sat and chatted with friends; James wrecked his knees with tunnel crawling; the kids had the time of their lives. Totally a win-win-win.IMG_0128

Corban received this book for Christmas from James’ mom. It’s a Richard Scarry book, if that rings your 40-year-old bell. The generations are colliding!IMG_0125

And I must end with Jaeda’s braids. Because her hair is long, her face is precious, she looks great in navy, and her posed grin brings delight to my soul. More and more beautiful every day, little darling.


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