Miscellaneous Goofiness

Miscellaneous Goofiness

When Corban and Jaeda choose to love each other, they oooooze it on, making sure I hear every second of it. On this day, Corban insisted that Jaeda wear only the finest of clothes–his. So she sported a large I am a big brother shirt for this babysitting day. I think it went to her head, cuz she’s been a bit bossier lately. IMG_0456 IMG_0457

Even though the basement still feels a little dungeon-y with its cold, uneven, carpet-glued cement floors, we’ve ventured down a little more as of late. Even set up the little kitchen down there to make room for the tree. The kids found the bottom half of the old music cabinet and are forever seeing how many of them can fit with the door shut. It always starts out fun…IMG_0467 IMG_0469

This past weekend our neighborhood gang had an Ugly Christmas Sweater and Cocoa party. I stayed home to babysit nephew Timmy and bake sugar cookies with the neighbor girl Keyanna. But James. Oh James went. And took Keyanna’s boyfriend with him and the kids. Hohoho, we all got a good chuckle out of this.IMG_0517

And James, can I just say, I have never seen that eyebrow before. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! And poor Johnny was stuck in my sweater. I mean, he was my replacement and all. IMG_0519

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