Fun on the sidewalk and a twelve-week bump.

Fun on the sidewalk and a twelve-week bump.

A couple nights ago, I felt good. Good as in almost great! So we went outside after supper and drew and painted with chalk. Had quite the gathering of neighborhood kids (always my favorite) and even decorated some trees in the process. I was feeling so good that I quick texted our babysitter to see if she could watch our kids even for an hour. We’ve left so many conversations unfinished lately due to my falling asleep or general not-talking-cuz-I-might-puke-instead state. She was available, and we went and talked and were normal for a full hour and a half. Sigh. Bliss. But before that, this:DSC_2131 DSC_2132 DSC_2134

(Jaeda’s hair do was my attempt at not having to do her hair for the next week. It worked!)DSC_2135

I’ve given up feeling shame that I have a bump…at 12 weeks.
Third kid, whatcha gonna do?DSC_2136 DSC_2137

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