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05 Mar Posted by in Corban, Jaeda | 2 comments

Sometimes they fall asleep on our sled-walk home from Anne’s.
Yes, it’s only two-and-a-half blocks.

Sometimes they wear their blankets as scarves and mufflers.
Yes, we have undesired, real scarves at home.

Sometimes they feed each other.
Yes, they’re quite capable on their own.

Sometimes they fight; sometimes they hug.
Yes, they’re siblings.


  • Alisha Miller

    Sweet. :) Sophie and Brielle have just gotten to the “don’t really like each other/annoy each other all the time” phase

    • theredheads

      Jaeda has started screaming as soon as Corban comes toward her, sigh. She just assumes he’s going to take her toy! Teaching sharing and playing together is HARD WORK.