Camp Barakel, Camp Barakel

Camp Barakel, Camp Barakel

My dad and brothers have been attending the Father/Son Retreat at Camp Barakel for as long as I can remember. When James joined the Hutchens family, he was invited into that tradition. And this year, for the first time ever, Corban was finally old enough to join as well. This was not at all on my radar. Suddenly, my dad just shows up in my inbox asking if Corban would like to attend. My baby? Uh, surely he can’t go to CAMP yet. They hike. They canoe. They eat too many sweets. They stay up late. He’s not ready! But oh, he was ready. And he had the time of his life.

(Just missing two brothers this year.
One of the cons of growing up and moving away.)

The girls attend the Father/Daughter Retreat every year as well.
We had TWO preggers with us this year. Our favorite part of the trip
is, of course, the continual conversation, which is, of course, the entirity
of the trip, making it an all-around amazing time together. Two sises missing.

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