Goodbye, July.

Goodbye, July.

Well, for some reason all these photos got uploaded in reverse order. I’m just happy to be blogging at all (no, Cru, I can’t hear you crying; babies who are taking naps CAN’T.BE.CRYING). So journey with me backwards through July!

Becca came to see Paul and Bekah’s tiny house reveal, so of course, we sneaked in a quick hello, ice cream style.

Belove hosted an event called Flourish. They invited Shannon Martin and Erin Loechner to speak on why we need our stories, why we need each others’ stories. It was a beautiful time with beautiful friends (and extravagant gifts!). My neighbor girls biked in–I tied up my dress and all. A night out is always refreshing.

The kids love to build forts with the cushions. Cru loves to destroy them.

I was putting Cru down for his nap when the above happened. (Usually, I prefer they ask, because I’m not always willing to deal with the aftermath of “we don’t WANT to clean it uuuuuup.”) I come down and see this note on the board: “Mom, we wele pipc.” It was later read to me as: “Mom, we will pick it up.” Guess what? THEY DID.

Crusoe has begun to enjoy the sand table as well. He even doesn’t eat it…all the time.

Corban wondered if his rope could make a swing, just like at Flynn’s house.

It can! (The seat started out as a training wheel<–yes, you read that right; no, it wasn’t comfortable; yes, it worked.) But then Carpenter Tim hooked us up with some beautiful hickory with rounded edges and all (fanciest swing you ever sat on), and now, we have a right perfect addition to our lovely backyard.

Liddi’s not crazy about automated car washes yet.

But she is crazy about her brother. She and Corban walked with their weapons in hand, ready to shoot any squirrel that dared cross their path.

Brothers playing ball. I’m guessing this won’t ever stop.

Peru, Indiana, has a children’s circus–performers ages 7-21, I believe. We went for our very first time and LOVED it. (And the kids sat through the whole 3-hour show–even was ready to go.)

Crusoe loved petting Flynn’s head.

Jaeda had her first dentist appointment. My big girl.

Our dentist takes an x-ray around age 6 (Corban) to check on adult teeth, make sure things are growing appropriately. ISN’T THIS THE WEIRDEST GROSS-YOU-OUT PICTURE?! My bet is on his right lower incisor coming out next.

After a particularly long day (was it her birthday?), Jaeda fell asleep before I even left the room. And yes, she really does sleep with flowers. #trueprincess

We biked with neighbor Abner down to the blue park–it’s newer and one of our faves! (Actually has swings, which isn’t the case for most of the small neighborhood parks.) Requirements: rope for an anchor (and tying people up), cap gun for the bad guys, damsel in distress.

This is what a worm looks like after it’s gone through the washer. In case you were wondering.

Liddi Bitty. She’s just the cutest. Those pigtails!

The Tornado wrecking happy havoc on the library bookshelves.

I’ve been shopping more and more with the four. I’m finding some freedom now that Cru goes longer between feedings. #hallelujah #wemadeit #almost

Fair day with the Ditmers!

Jon & Sam got married on Friday. We came home Saturday. And Jaeda got her hair chopped Monday. #nomoretanglezone

Babies are a big commitment. They need a lot. But those sleeping faces, I mean!

Whenever the Hicks girls come over, school is in session. #guesswhostheteacher

I bought a new dress for the dress rehearsal and have worn it loads of times. Uber comfy, can nurse in it, and ohso pretty. It’s nice to feel like a person some days.

Everyone loves to snuggle Cru.

Fourth of July gathering with neighbors.

So, this is my puppy. He actually licks my leg. #itsnotprecious

First haircut. #pictakenbyafouryearold

Neighborhood bike ride! Corban and Jaeda (and Abner) biked the whole 3 miles!!

Super J!

Mary Jackson makes the best movie-watching pillow.

Thanks for saying hi to July with us!

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