Matt’s Projects

Matt’s Projects

I got my window!!!!!!!
So excited to see it hanging safely.
Love our makeshift marker holders (holes in the window).
I may have been so excited that I wrote “Hallelujah!”
That’s what finished projects do to me–make me sing!

Glad to have a place for James’ spontaneous art work.DSC_7371


Matt also worked on this project.
Notice anything different?

How ’bout now?

Since we love to run and wrestle, we don’t really like coffee tables.
But then we have no where to place our cocoa mugs and popcorn bowls.
And by popcorn, of course I mean peas, ’cause that’s really what we snack on.

Matt also fixed an unlatching-door in his spare time.

And last night, he says to me, “I’m tired, but I just want to do something. I didn’t do anything with my day!”
Oh right, ’cause making a giant shelf and hanging a window constitutes nothing.
Well, you are welcome to do nothing at our house anytime, Matt!





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