“I swowing a fit.”

“I swowing a fit.”

“Finish your last bite of pear, Corban, and you can get down.”



“Umm…no sanks, I full.”

“You may eat it, and then you may get down.”

“I don’t wanna eat it!!!!!”

Recognizing this as a battle of the wills and having nothing to do with food, I decide to remain firm.

“You may eat it.”

Fists pound, feet kick, lungs scream.
I walk out of the room, completely ignoring the tantrum, as it is clearly for attention’s sake.

“Mom! Moom! Mooooooom!”

Walk back in room.


“Mom, I swowing a fit.”


“MOM! I need a timeout!”

“Sure, I’d be happy to let you sit in timeout…after you finish your pear.”

Pear slowing enters mouth. Feet drag to the stairs. Hehe. I guess the old timeouts-can’t-save-you-from-pears lesson has been learned.

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