Helping (aka making a mess)

Helping (aka making a mess)

Yesterday, I was making some waffles to freeze for breakfasts. Corban’s all-time favorite thing to do in the kitchen (besides unloading the dishwasher) is to stir. So naturally, he wanted to help stir the mix. While he was helping, Jaeda started crying. In the 30 seconds that I was gone, he managed to do this:

But look at how happy he was. “Help, Mommy,” he exclaimed to me.

So I got him his own bowl and 1/4c of flour to stir.

We recently read a book about whining (the bane of our existence!). One of the things they were talking about was allowing kids to contribute to the household on some level at every age. I feel like we’ve done this well with Corban. He is so enthusiastic to help! What I loved about their suggestion, though, was the last sentence of that chapter. “Every child should think, ‘This family would fall apart without me!'” (I think my parents did this well too, hence my nickname “Sararella.” Haha!)

Here’s a little developmental list of all the things Corban helps out with:

  • gets out and puts away shoes
  • puts dirty laundry in hamper
  • puts away toys and books
  • empties bottom rack of dishwasher (can do this mostly without any direction!)
  • gets bib,  plate, and cup when ready to eat
  • reminds me to wash his face before he gets down (although if you’ve ever seen his face after eating, I need no reminder!)
  • puts paper, plastic, and glass goods into recycling bin
  • apparently, he stirs well
  • retrieves Jaeda’s blankie and burp cloths (and I’m sure he would get her a pacifier too…if she would take one!)
  • “cleans up” messes (aka rubs them around, but still, developmentally appropriate)
  • He’s practicing helping fold laundry, although I’m thinking we’ve got a little ways yet before it’s actually helpful!

I wonder if he ever thinks, “Sheesh, this family would fall apart without me!” ;)

  • Angie Leopold
    Posted at 18:36h, 31 August Reply

    LOVE the developmental list!

  • Alisha Miller
    Posted at 12:21h, 31 August Reply

    1. Corban actually looks chubby in this face picture. Did you do photoshop? haa. Maybe we just need to put Sophie in the picture to set the proportions right. 2. Corban is doing a great job helping!!

    • theredheads
      Posted at 12:31h, 31 August Reply

      Haha, Alisha! Must be the angle. ;)

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