You have been blessed.

You have been blessed.

When people see me walking around with two kids, their typical response (besides the usual “Oh my gosh, they’re sooo cute!” or “Now, I wonder where they got their red hair…”) :D is “You sure have your hands full!” It’s a textbook phrase (literally, I’ve read lots of books and articles that said to watch out for it!). And some moms reply with “Full of joy!” or “Full of love!” which are both so true and are phrases I’ll keep tucked away for future use.

But Saturday, we were walking through a store, enjoying being a family of four, when we saw a acquaintance that we run into once a year or so. She didn’t even realize that we had been pregnant with our second. But when she saw toddler Corban and another carseat, she raced over to peek. A big smile took over her face as she exclaimed, “You’ve been blessed!”

Now¬†that¬†is the truth. One look at those faces, and there’s just no doubt.

Thank you, Lord, for these blessings!

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