The newest addition to the family

The newest addition to the family

A couple weeks ago, we had the following conversation with our mechanic:

Mechanic: “Do you guys drive over railroad tracks often?”
James: “A couple times a week…”
Mechanic: “The next time you do, your frame could snap in half.”

So. Last Saturday we started our car search. It wasn’t quite a crisis situation as I (Sarah) am able to get most any I need to by foot plus we have tons of friends who would let us borrow their cars. But we wanted to get a head start on the search.

We came home with the first car we test drove. Does that happen? Ever?? James was firm with the salesman that we take a night to think about large purchases such as this. “So at what number would you take this car home today?” the salesman persisted. James gave him a number two thousand under the asking price. If we are going to take it home tonight, it would need to be a steal, James reasoned. Aaand a little finagling later, we drove home in our new car!

What a blessing to have such a stress-free car buying experience. Thankful again to God for the way He used Dave Ramsey’s FPU principles in our lives. Our car “envelope” was fully funded, and we even had a little left over to start our house envelope!

If we purchase the camping package on Ebay, our Pontiac Aztek could look like this:

What’s that dearest Jeep?
Of course, I still love you.
Well, the mechanic offered us a price we just couldn’t turn down.
What’s that price?
Well, I mean $300 is a lot of money to some people.
Of course you’re worth more than that. Other people just don’t fully appreciate your full value.
You know that I do!
Oh no, we’ll never forget you. No matter what kind of new, fancy schmancy vehicles that find themselves parked in our driveway, they’ll always be in your spot.
(Just so you know, I’m showing the people a photo of your younger, more beautiful days.
No, no, of course you’re still beautiful!)

  • MJ
    Posted at 10:59h, 02 June Reply

    YAY!! … when I visit, we’ll have to go cruising :o)

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