Easter in Wisconsin

Easter in Wisconsin

We spent some great time with our Wisconsin family this weekend,
celebrating the resurrection of our Lord.┬áHere’s a little peek into the fun.

Mom got some quality time with her grandson,

and served us in her usual way with delicious food.

Dad also got to have some Corban time
and added some wine that “pairs well with seafood, chicken, and light cheeses”
(if I remember correctly) to our beefy dinner. ;)

Thomas and Corban got along pretty well.
Corban liked his silly faces.

I love that they’re looking at each other AND
that both of their legs are crossed.

Of course, James loved on his son in his usual goofy way.

Corban and I spent some quality time in the back of the car on that six-hour drive.
He was a darling! I was only back there to keep him company twice!

This proved the favored toy of the drive.

All in all, we had a most wonderful celebration! Which reminds me,
contrary to what these pictures seem to indicate, this is not a post about Corban.
This is just a post about an Easter celebration with family…
the most important member of said family at this time being…well, yeah, you know.

  • Mom Steele
    Posted at 18:05h, 11 May Reply

    Nice! Don’t tell the wine-police that we served white with beef. Corban was the star, unless you count our Crainium skills.


  • Felicia DeCook
    Posted at 20:06h, 29 April Reply

    I love all the pictures! It’s so precious to see Corban grow up little by little when I haven’t even met him :-)

  • rubysfairybook.blogspot.com
    Posted at 14:13h, 28 April Reply

    I have a surprise post on my blog…. and you will see why I asked you about Spanish! : :} xo x0 :x

  • rubysfairybook.blogspot.com
    Posted at 09:55h, 28 April Reply

    Can you speak good Spanish? Oh wait.. you can right?
    Oh and I want to learn German (and maybe Spanish)

    • The Redheads
      Posted at 10:44h, 28 April Reply

      Yes, I (Mrs. Steele) do speak Spanish. I’m starting to lose it, though. :(

  • rubysfairybook.blogspot.com
    Posted at 09:51h, 28 April Reply

    >P >) >( :D :) :p :O … Sorry, I’m just makeing funny faces to Corban ;) :O)

  • Ruth Johnston
    Posted at 02:03h, 28 April Reply

    Maddie went through a stage where she LOVED playing with plastic bottles in the car as well. :)

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