Team Steele Dominates 5K

Team Steele Dominates 5K

102_6560This is the fist of victory for our triumphant finish of our first 5K together.

James: 3rd 5K. 1st in age group. 6th overall. Time of 19:35.

Sarah: 1st 5K. 3rd in age group. 105th overall. :) Time of 27:34.

James: I have loved running these past many months! Way to go, John Ditmer, for encouraging me to run. This 5K I ran much faster than anticipated. However, mile three was rough and if I had much more in my stomach it would be all over the board walk near the finish line. Way to go endorphins to make up for that sick feeling.

Sarah: My first mile was the fastest one I’ve run so far–7:45! It was amazing to me how much faster I ran with so many people around me. And seriously, I contemplated at great lenth (27:34, to be precise) the correlations to our walk with Christ and with each other. James has talked about it a lot since he started running; I think I’m finally feeling it myself! What a cool experience. And placing gets you hooked. At least, competitive people like me! Doing it again next weekend…

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  • Ruby and Avery Plank plus Asa Plank make 3.
    Posted at 08:09h, 26 February Reply


  • admin
    Posted at 18:51h, 15 June Reply

    Thanks for the comments you two! Marathon is definitely on my goal list. I was wanting to run the Chicago marathon in October. However, registration is closed already! I am planning on running it in 2010. It would rock to run the Twin Cities marathon with you. I will check out the details on that.

  • Molly Vesperman
    Posted at 16:52h, 15 June Reply

    WOW!! You guys are SOOO FAST!! Next up…marathon?! :) You can run the TC Marathon with me this October…you’ve got plenty of time to train!

  • Patrick
    Posted at 05:44h, 15 June Reply

    Way to go Steeles – wow, you two are fast!

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