Hello (and goodbye) June!

Hello (and goodbye) June!

We enjoyed some perfectly warm days last month.
Wading and swimming in the lake are favorite pastimes.

Crusoe was particularly tired this day.

I feel much braver when a sister joins me!

All that red hair.

We stumbled upon a carnival kicking off free summer lunches.


James and Corban fixed up a bike we had been given. James is so good about letting the kids help him with his work. I am less good at this.

Testing out a friend’s cargo bike. How fun is this?!

And so begins naps in the trailer!

Remember all that money they earned in May? We decided to purchase the big dream Paw Patroller from eBay–(1) because we don’t need new toys and (2) because they could actually afford it. It finally arrived!

Crusoe was thrilled with their purchase, too;)

The bug catcher has gotten a lot of use this summer. Corban even caught a butterfly!

Crusoe is testing out more solids. 

I had to grab something from outside and just didn’t want them coming out. I turned away and saw this. So sad…and hilarious;-P

We took a trip to Wisconsin and made it longer by stopping at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry (apparently our membership to our local Science Central allows us to get in for FREE). We had the most amazing time and stayed there for SIX HOURS. I felt so encouraged–a little taste of the freedom of older kids!

Cru loved the Lego section, too.

Using two different pulley systems to see which made the work easier.

Cru crawled onto the cots to check himself out.


Reading with Grandma.

Crusoe is EVERYWHERE these days.

Another lost tooth. Another note from the Tooth Fairy.

June ended with another library event. I love these events so much! But I’ve had to slow way down for this season of my life. Four little kids and homeschooling and all. So this event was kind of my last hurrah. I hope to do more work on Book #3 even yet this year. But for now it’s spiritual health and family that take the majority of my focus.

And there it went. Goodbye, June.

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