A bird’s eye view of the last few months

A bird’s eye view of the last few months

Having a fourth child is hard. (Betcha thought I was gonna say something uplifting and inspiring. HA.) Even our great days (and there are many!) are just plain ol’ hard. So much talking, touching, needing, crying, diaper changing, sock losing, complaining, laughing, screaming, eating, messing, cleaning (I’m really tempted to keep this list going…forever. But I’ll spare you.) I’ve found great solace in those early morning hours and find my heart refreshed by them. One phrase from Psalm 90:17 is on repeat in my brain: “Establish the work of my hands for me, yes, establish the work of my hands.” Please, Lord, make all of this count for something. And I truly know He is. Okay, so, on to the littles!


My sister Mary visited for several days from Florida.
She totally Mary Poppins-ed our house (yes, that is a verb),
and I paid her back by staying up chatting ’til midnight.
(I think I got the better end of the deal.)

She gave James and I a Friday morning out
(James was off work for a holiday). It was so
peaceful, so perfect (and since we went to
Three Crowns, so delicious).


We’re working on getting James’ latest art print
framed. Turns out, framing an 18×24″ print
is expensive! We’re still trying to find a
more affordable option…


The squirrels have been storing up food for the winter.
Which includes bagels, pizza, and apparently, cinnamon
raisin toast. We once thought someone was targeting
us in some sort of weird food vandalism. Turns out
it’s just the neighborhood squirrels.



My little Elsa, Batman, Liddi Bug, and Penguin Boy.img_1487

We still walk to the library many weeks. If I wear Crusoe, only one
kid has to walk the 1/2 mile. But sometimes I like him falling asleep
in the carseat (locked on the stroller), because then I can do the
library even more hands-free. Those days, I have two walkers.



We spent Thanksgiving in Wisconsin and thoroughly
enjoyed the Madison Children’s Museum.

We wiped our iPad (it was sooo slow) and only
downloaded games we really love. They love playing
together and taking turns (<–yes, that’s real!), although
Liddi is not the best at giving it to the person AFTER her.

This photo also showcases Liddi’s new love for Corban.
She learned that he’s strong enough to pick her up,
and now she wants him to carry her everywhere!

We had a tree removed. Most exciting day all fall!



Corban is 6 now! James’ mom was kind enough to
make him a cake while we played all morning at the
children’s museum. It was a delight to share his
birthday day with James’ family!


James’ folks gave Corban this hoodie.
It’s from James’ high school.
And yes, I teared up.

He was born just a week+ after my dad and brother,
and we had the most delicious sheet cake!


Corban made us all French toast.

Also, my hair hasn’t been this long in YEARS.
Gonna keep it going for a while yet.img_1807

Alisha kept showing me pictures (and I saw firsthand)
of her 5-year-old carrying their newborn. It never
occurred to me to let him do that. He does a really
great job and is so careful. (Also, the rule is he has to
ask before. While I may not know EVERYTHING that
goes on in this house, this is one thing I insist on knowing!)img_1726


Jaeda and I took a walk for our monthly date.
I rarely take pictures with my kids but wanted
to have at least one. OUR CHINS!

Jaeda loves holding Cru too…but mostly just sitting down. ;)img_1742


Liddi thinks it’s hilarious to tickle Cru.
He actually agrees.


Apparently, somebody forgot to tell Liddi that
butter is for bread and veggies, NOT snacking.

My little pizza chef.


Veeery sleepy after playing all
morning at the children’s museum!



He’s just the smily-est.img_1679

Seriously. SO smiley.


Looking all dapper for his baby dedication.



(They are my children, after all.)

We’re closing in on 800 books sold!! Not something
I’d thought probable. Working on a really exciting collaboration
as a Christmas special (although, personally, my Christmas
shopping is DUNZO). My mailing list will learn about it first
Thursday; then I’ll share it on FB and IG on Friday.
(Go to www.bysarahsteele.com/blog to subscribe for updates!)


That’s a little closer than a bird’s view, but there you have it!

  • Alisha
    Posted at 10:13h, 12 December Reply

    800 books!!!! SO exciting, Sarah! Also, love all the pictures of your kids. Love the shout-out <3 And Brielle got excited and said, "That's my friend Jaeda!" as she looked over my shoulder.

  • Heidi Kreider
    Posted at 08:42h, 06 December Reply

    I love that you took that picture of you and Jaeda! My sister was always so good at that. She has an old six panel window in her room where she would swap out pictures of herself and each of her children. She said, “I want my kids to have pictures of me with them.” In hindsight, I wish I had done this too. :)

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