Sooo we’re having a baby?

Sooo we’re having a baby?

You likely already know this by now, buuut we’ve got Baby Steele #4 growing away! We knew we’d like one more for our family, but we couldn’t decide when. So we didn’t. We just told the Lord of our desire and asked Him to lead the way. And lead He did! I’m so thankful to say that this has been my easiest pregnancy yet. (NEVER thought I’d say that after Liddi.) In fact, it was so easy, I got worried and wondered if I should get an ultrasound as I hadn’t even thrown up by 8 weeks (I’m a puker by 5 or 6 weeks). James to me: “Sarah, this is what I prayed for. JUST ENJOY THE GIFT!” Hehe, you just can’t win. Well, the Lord gave me one good morning with the toilet bowl, and my faith was restored. I was pregnant; we were pregnant. We were going to have a baby!!

(One theory as to the ease of my nausea is that I nursed Liddi through the 12th week of pregnancy. I only threw up 2 or 3 times during those months! Once she weaned, I threw up 4 times in one week, yikes! It subsided by Week 15.)

Now, here we are in the glorious 2nd trimester (23 weeks, baby!), cooking, cleaning, schooling, writing, caring for littles, and overall feeling great. I seem to tire easily while we’re out, but that’s likely also to do with being out with three (THREE!) rascals while also growing a human.


We decided to find out the gender this time. We did with Corban and Jaeda but didn’t feel good with that choice with Liddi, so she surprised us. Well, the Lord gave us the freedom to find out again this time, so please allow me to introduce you to…



Corban is thrilled. Beyond words.
Jaeda has words. Words like
“I wanted pink frosting” and “I want a sister.”
Complete with pouty lip and all.
And Liddi. Oh, Liddi, you don’t even know what’s coming.DSC_1829

So here he is! Our second son, our fourth child here on earth.
With his precious profile and a great love for his fist.
An affinity for practicing gulping and swallowing.
We were absolutely smitten to meet him.
And now, we just can’t wait to meet him.FullSizeRender

  • Alisha
    Posted at 13:58h, 12 May Reply

    Yay baby! So excited to meet this little Baby Steele… lots of hair or little? (because obviously red)

  • Anne Kirby
    Posted at 21:40h, 03 May Reply

    I had no idea!!!! So happy for you.

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