Liddi Turns 1

Liddi Turns 1

“I don’t know what that is,
but I do know that I WANT IT!”


“What’s all this singing about, and why’s everyone looking at me?”


“Guess I’ll just have to do the touch test first.”A96W7188

“Thanks, but I don’t need anything to
confine my piece of deliciousness here.”A96W7190

“Mmm…let it roll around the tastebuds…”A96W7196

“Gah! I LOVE IT!!!!”A96W7198

“Seriously, if this was what that singing meant,
I could do this everyday. For real, no prob.”A96W7200

“What if they take it away from me soon?
The best way to protect the goodness, I
always say, is inside the cheeks.”

“A little leftover on the fingers
is always good, too.”

“Sorry, I can’t talk right now.
I found my true love.”A96W7209

“Why are you showing me this empty bowl?”A96W7212

“MORE!!!!! (Of course, with all
the politeness I can muster.)”A96W7215


We love your deep chuckle,
your intimate knowledge of which window
to look out for which animals,
your toleration of your older siblings,
your consistent sleeping through the night (!),
your bright blue eyes and vibrant red hair,
and your precious love for snuggling
(only with your daddy, but who’s counting).

You’re our joy and our cutest Baby Giant.

For GF, low-sugar cake and frosting recipes, click here!

Notes: I doubled the recipe and baked it in a 9×13″ pan.

(Avocado!) FROSTING:
Notes: A single portion of this recipe covered the 9×13 well.
I used less sweetener than called for (maple syrup is expensive!).

  • Alisha
    Posted at 22:18h, 30 April Reply

    Yay for being 1! And yay for sharing the recipe!

    • The Redheads
      Posted at 10:48h, 01 May Reply

      It was sooo delicious and healthy! Hope you get a chance to try it sometime!

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