The Puzzle

The Puzzle

I got a puzzle for Christmas.
A 1,000 piece puzzle.
Of Nancy Drew book covers.

The biggest puzzle I’ve ever done was 500 pieces.
And I wasn’t sure I’d ever do one again.IMG_1774

But this one was made of words.
With lots of borders in between each cover.
I couldn’t get enough!

Plus, each cover came with a memory of when I had read it.
During 3rd grade lunch.
When I didn’t speak to a single person.
And I thought 19 was the Age to Be. (That’s how old Nancy is in these mysteries. Seriously, how many 19-year-olds are flying all over the world alone to solve mysteries? Severe disappointment once I finally reached 19 and worked the summer at our local library. Not a very mysterious place. In fact, very friendly, warm, and predictable. Nancy, you misled me!)IMG_1780

Then, all of a sudden, it was done.
I left the last piece there for a whole evening.
I wasn’t ready for it to be done.
To say goodbye to my friend, Nancy.IMG_1796
I’ve vowed to do it again next New Year.
If I can wait until then.

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