Corban turns 5!

Corban turns 5!

We mostly do family birthday celebrations, but for a select few birthdays, we’ve chosen to celebrate with friends. Age 5 is one of those birthdays. Which I don’t even know why I mention it because there’s no way I have a five-year-old. At least, I didn’t. And then, boom, I did. Cray cray.

For this party, Corban chose his theme (Legos) and his friends (other 4- and 5-year-olds…along with their younger siblings). It was going to work out best for us to do it on a weekday morning (giving up a Saturday morning is really giving up a whole Saturday and right before Thanksgiving/holidays, Saturdays are just so precious!). So I asked my neighbor (and sister) Dora if she’d be willing to help. Help, did she ever! We spent a couple hours cutting out construction paper Legos ahead of time, and then the day of, she transitioned the table from coloring to lunching to caking and made the party smoooooooth. I could NOT have pulled this off without her help. So, Dora? Thank you is insufficient, but…thank you!

Lego threw up on my desk.IMG_1468

Got the Lego cake all decorated the night before.
A double layer cake with mini muffins as the dots.IMG_1485

(I just learned about the panoramic feature on my phone.)IMG_1488

James drew us some icons to indicate what was coming next during the party. Here’s the rundown: give a blank Lego head a face and your name, color a Lego coloring page, build a Lego minifigure to take home, pin the head on the Lego man, hit balloons with your Lego head paddle, EAT, sing Happy Birthday and eat cake, Lego-filled spoon race, Lego Lego Who’s Got the Lego, and goooooodbye! It was soooo fun (for me!) to host a party for kids filled with tons of games. The teacher in me was satisfied for almost a week.

The birthday boy chair.

Pin the Head on the Lego Man DSC_1303 DSC_1305 DSC_1306

Whoever won the game would get the SECOND piece of cake
(because we all know the FIRST piece goes to the birthday boy).DSC_1309 DSC_1310

Emma’s the oldest and had no problem feeling around for where
the head should go. She was waaay too smart for this game.DSC_1311

Baby Sis Lyla.

Jaeda mostly just wanted to color. DSC_1323

Thanking God for the yummy food,
the refreshing friends, and the maturing birthday boy.DSC_1328

I think that may be the only pic I have of the Lego gummies, sigh.
Used silicone ice cube trays. Only took about forever. #worthit
So if you ever need Lego trays, PLEASE borrow them from me!
DSC_1334 DSC_1335


We interrupt this post to bring you
babies.DSC_1346 DSC_1347

These kids ROCKED. They were respectful, kind, patient, thankful.
We had a dozen little friends (and more of the littler variety) plus
moms and a couple lunchtime dads. I was a wee bit tired by the end;)DSC_1349

What a fun way to celebrate a birthday.
I’m glad we don’t do it this way every year.

  • Alisha
    Posted at 09:34h, 11 January Reply

    Such a fun birthday party!!! Good job, Mama!

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