A smorgasbord of siblings

A smorgasbord of siblings

Jaeda is our nurturer
and just wants to sit
and read Liddi books
and smile sweetly
all day.IMG_0648

But when she’s with Corban,
watch out!
They play fast and furious!IMG_0825

Nephew Timmy (and his parents, what were their names, again?)
visited this fall. Jaeda loved reading him books (see above).

We babysat one evening for a total of five kids.
James has been my partner in many things, but
perhaps loving (others’) kids is one of my favorite.

Liddi kept waking up every time we would walk up
the stairs (her crib was on the stair wall) or walk
around our room in the morning. So we moved her
to the room with a thicker door and put the kids in
her room. They LOVE being next to each other.

So apparently this post has been a while in the making, just now to be
completed. Gulp. You know what holiday this was for. We’ll just leave it at that.

We didn’t have buckets for collecting candy,
but we did have hole-y bike helmets!IMG_1309

When you can fit in a basket, you can imagine it to be ANYTHING!IMG_1354

Another facet of Jaeda’s nurturing. She would rather feed Liddi than herself!IMG_1370

The kids love being the first to enter Liddi’s room in the morning.
They play “mom and dad” until I come (although I told them they
were welcome to continue being the mom and dad if it meant they’d
make me food and change Liddi’s diaper). They weren’t so sure about that.IMG_1380 IMG_1390

We went on a cherry picking adventure with our friends.
(Everything’s an adventure–with pirates–when you’re 3, 4, & 6.)IMG_1398

Do I care where we were coming home from?
What we had been doing?
Who we had visited?


The rest is just details.

The Y has offered a homeschool preschool swim class on the cheap!
We’ve had two sessions of lessons now. Miss Dani is our teacher
(and is the reason we keep coming back!). We’ve gone from fear to
love. I’m proud of what they’ve learned…and relieved, cuz let me tell
you, swimming with three non-swimmers is not swimming at all!

Corban, a few days ago, told me that there’s a new boy in his little
group who’s afraid. “Mom, I remember when I was afraid.” (Yeah,
me too; it was, like, 4 weeks ago.) “I’m gonna tell him that Miss Dani
is the best teacher in the world and you can trust her. Plus, I know the
water’s good now. I need to tell him so he can be happy at swim lessons!”

They’ve come so far and are swimming (with bubbles on their backs)
with so much confidence and joy. It was rough for a bit there (for Corban,
Jaeda’s not afraid of anything), but I’m sososososo glad we stuck with it!

We love making the stop to ride Sandy after a successful Meijer trip.
Liddi got her first ride a few months ago and now starts bouncy in the
cart the second she spies the horse. The kids take turns giving her rides.

This is how Corban and Jaeda prefer to include Liddi in their play.

This is Corban teaching Jaeda during school.
He used my exact words to him.
Which is awe-inspiring.
And terrifying.IMG_1477

And this is Slushbuck the Reindeer, Slushy for short–
the latest addition to our porch. He prefers flying to
Michigan and Wisconsin at least twice a week.IMG_1529

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