The Zoo: Sun vs Rain

The Zoo: Sun vs Rain

Since we have friends out the FW direction, we love to meet up with them for lunch and/or nap afterward. This day we got lucky and got to roam the zoo WITH those friends! It was a perfectly beautiful end-of-summer day. (We’ve been loving this weather lately.) But holy moly, two moms and SIX kids. WHAT.IMG_0939

Another time, we got a call from another friend on our way, just mentioning that her zoo date canceled and would we like to roam together? We happened to be already on our way. Yipee! We checked out the new Stingray Bay (you can actually touch the stingrays SWEET). IMG_1005

And theeen, it started pouring. We had just sat down to eat our lunches when the sprinkles started. Our attempt to stay dry under the umbrella was unsuccessful. Once Jess and I made the decision to seek thicker shelter, the downpour started. In my very calm, collected manner, I threw chairs back, slammed food in the stroller, and shoved the stroller (with baby) toward the shelter only to look back and realize that Jaeda was frozen in her seat. “JAEDA, GET UP!” I screamed (calmly, peacefully, gently it may not have been). Cue big, giant, ‘gator tears. Oh right, she’s my word-sensitive one. Whoops. Hehe. “Jaeda, darling, baby girl, isn’t this rain so beautiful? Wouldn’t you like to observe it from underneath that building’s awning?” And I picked her up and RAN. It took her a little while to recover, but then she and Corban dashed back out into it to dance in the storm. (We waited more than 30 minutes, ate standing up, so they needed to do something, anything else.)IMG_1008 IMG_1007

This picture stuck in my head on our whole drive home, so in good Charlotte Mason fashion (which is not even pretending to touch on our whole homeschool regime, just know she’s in there somewhere), I had the kids paint something from their zoo experience. This may have been so I had an excuse to paint (a very 2D rendering, might I add). Jaeda’s painting included a “tunnel” with rain all around it. Can’t find Corban’s anymore, bummer. While I do prefer the sunny zoo days, a rainy one here and there is pretty exciting.IMG_1010 IMG_1051 IMG_1053

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