All three of my babies swinging! (And I wasn’t even there to witness it, THANK YOU, JAMES.)IMG_0421

Big kid/Daddy date at the library Lego Club.
We make lots of planes these days.IMG_0483 IMG_0484

They’re riding faster and going farther without me.
This is a beautiful thing.IMG_0987

We spent some biking time WITH Mary Jackson
and WITHOUT Liddi (again, thank you, James,
although James had to work through her nap–he’s
been working HARD these last several months).IMG_1011

And Corban and Jaeda set up–I know you’re about to say school, which seems totally appropriate and right except that it’s not because it’s actually–church. Yeah, I know. They’re reading Little Red Riding Hood and sitting on cushions. I can see why you were confused. Jaeda spent most of her listening time putting her puppy to nap in the cooler, while Corban spent most of his turn listening being a disruptive student (“just to be funny, Mom”). Really, it was cute all around. The only problem happened when Jaeda realized her bladder was past full and couldn’t find the stool (see under Corban) in time for it to be helpful. If you know what I mean. Sigh. But really, they’re sweet kids.
IMG_1013 IMG_1015

We had Cousin Timmy this past weekend while his folks babymooned up in Michigan. It was fun to experiment having four (although we’re glad our four have a slightly bigger age gap!), but it was even more fun to see all the double takes wherever we went. “Wait, one, two, three…..when did…???” And “How’d that one not get the red hair?!” He was super polite. And patient. Actually, suspiciously so. You know when your siblings are making your parents so mad and suddenly you feel exceedingly charming and ask them how you can help them that day and comment on how wonderful of parents they are and frolic around the house with such lightness, such happiness bursting right out of you? Yeah. He was that nice. Well, show or not, he was a delight. Jaeda woke up Monday morning, sat at the breakfast table, and asked, “Did Timmy go home with his mom and dad?” “Yes,” I replied. “Oh. I miss him.” He really did add in nicely to our family. 

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