To brighten my day along the way…

To brighten my day along the way…

a hammock full
first push then pull
three little kiddies scream and wiggle
moms try to speak
like stubborn bulls
but kiddies only squeal and giggle


these flowers white
both pure and bright
have finally vanished from our backyard
but not without
a final sight
as summer’s first announcing placard

FullSizeRender-3 (1)

drawn guys delight
(three necks a fright!)
found ’round the house in piles galore
new lines appear
and give insight
to understandings their brains explore


all windows stained
my eyes they pained
to stare through two years’ lack of washing
with new friend’s help
technique explained
we gave the dirt a thorough squashing

IMG_0525 IMG_0526

a birthday treat
of popcorn sweet
fully allowed on a strict diet
brought happiness
for little feet
for we all surely had to try it

10:30 text
feeling perplexed
“Come over for a late night fire?”
an impulse yes
and playing next
LED balloons to admireIMG_0650

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