The day of my birth.

The day of my birth.


I thought celebrating my actual birthday with a day at the zoo with a friend was quite fitting for this stage of life. I picked up one of my free Light Rail drinks on the way. It was the perfect mixture of sun and briskness, and we had an absolutely splendid time. I was so thankful to Angie for taking Corban and Jaeda around to brush the goats while I was feeding Liddi. Jaeda’s big excitement was a goat eating her pigtail. I mean, how can one resist such beautiful, chew-perfect hair?!


We made it home late afternoon (so nice that the big kids are big enough to nap later if necessary and the little kid is little enough that she’ll nap anywhere still!) and enjoyed some quiet time before getting ready for The Big Cookie Delivery. I had written a little rhyme on each bag, and the kids and Mary Jackson helped me fill them all with deliciousness. Then we left them on each doorstep of our block. Surprises make our hearts race!

IMG_0520 DSC_0332DSC_0328DSC_0337 IMG_0538

James brought home sushi, neighbor girls wrote sweet notes, neighbor moms brought flowers; it was the perfect close to the best birthday ever. Well, except for the gift James was giving me that we hadn’t done yet. But that’s getting its own post………IMG_0549

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