Our very own Bitty Baby.

Our very own Bitty Baby.

Liddi is exploring her facial control, playing with her tongue, and experimenting with her vocal cords. We do response cooing and plenty of staring at each other. In fact, more than I realized! The other day, I was reading a blog on my phone while she was nursing. When I felt her stop sucking, I looked down…and found her staring at me. I threw my phone down and stared back. Guess my nursing multi-tasking is going to become more limited!

She really is a great baby. She’s got a great rhythm–eat, play, sleep. She cries when she’s wet and about five minutes before she falls asleep. She sustains a good amount of tummy time. She often sleeps through the night (7/8pm-6am, eats, sleeps til 9am or so), and if not, she only wakes once around 3am. Swaddling is her magic cue for a good solid nap, but she still sleeps in her carseat/on me (if she’s on me, she burrows–see pic below), which is super convenient as we don’t stay home all day every day. She tends to cat nap through the morning depending on where we are, takes a 3-4 hour nap with the big kids in the early afternoon, and cat naps again in the evening (often during dinner–WIN).

And she’s starting to look extra old because I’ve started dressing her beyond sleepers. I mean, when they’re so bitty, why pull something over their heads when you can zip it around them??FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender IMG_0435 IMG_0471

  • Alisha Miller
    Posted at 15:01h, 10 May Reply

    TOTALLY a Steele baby. :) Also totally a cute baby.
    Happy Mother’s Day, my friend!

    • theredheads
      Posted at 14:43h, 11 May Reply

      She looks more like us every day! I’m sooo digging her smiles, expressions. So fun to get teeny tiny glimpses into her personality:)

      Happy Mother’s Day to you, a mom who loves her girls dearly and yet still manages to love/pursue the Lord more. I appreciate your example!

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