The DOR of God’s People

The DOR of God’s People

I’ve mentioned Mary before. The Mary that I was paired with through Grace’s mentoring program. This is the third year that we’ve met, and our friendship has developed in God-ordained ways. Last year and this, she was part of an intraGrace mentoring program. And she watched as one of her mentees starting mentoring someone else. Pretty cool stuff. As we talked more, I realized that several specific things I had told Mary came directly from a woman who has shaped me since my freshman year at Grace. And an idea formed in my mind. We need to get these women together to celebrate our heritage under Christ! Lisa’s former mentor (the word need not necessitate a formal, once-a-week relationship but rather an intentional pouring into another as the Lord gives you opportunity) is now caring for her elderly mother and couldn’t make the trip down to see her granddaughters:) so we took a picture when we got together and are sending it to her. I had these dreams of meeting at my house some Saturday morning with tea and fresh scones, a little Hillsong gracing the brisk morning. But then reality smacked me in the face and told me to meet them at Grace and just try to shower before you go. Hey, someone else made our food, yay!

I read Psalm 78:1-7 for us. It’s the passage the Lord laid on my heart a year ago when I first desired to gather us together, and it hasn’t left since.

“Pay attention, my people, to my instructionListen to the words I speakI will sing a song that imparts wisdomI will make insightful observations about the pastWhat we have heard and learned – that which our ancestors have told us – we will not hide from their descendantsWe will tell the next generation about the Lord’s praiseworthy acts, about his strength and the amazing things he has doneHe established a rule in Jacobhe set up a law in IsraelHe commanded our ancestors to make his deeds known to their descendants, so that the next generation, children yet to be bornmight know about them. They will grow up and tell their descendants about themThen they will place their confidence in GodThey will not forget the works of Godand they will obey his commands.”

We pass on this message so that those who hear will place their confidence in God, will not forget the works of God, and will obey His commands. We need to hear of God’s movements, His stirrings in other hearts to move us closer to Him! So we completed our meal by sharing a significant way the Lord has moved in our lives in the last week, month, or several years.

In good Leslie Knope fashion, I just had to create something for us to remember this night. It was just over an hour, each of us only connected to the one above or below us, but it reminded us of the bigger picture–that God is writing a big story in all of His people, not just me! So. I looked up the Hebrew word for “generations,” which is “dor.” And I got to work on some magnets.

cereal box, check

adorable paperDSC_0954

sewing machine to stitch ON PAPER (mind blown)DSC_0968

magnets attached

I wanted this reminder–that we are always influencing some generation, whether it’s our own, above, or below and that God’s works are worth sharing with them all. He’s worth our confidence, our remembering, and our obedience.


Who’s in your spiritual lineage?

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  • Alisha Miller
    Posted at 15:29h, 06 May Reply

    Aw, I love this. So neat how God has strung his people together through the history of mankind in one big story for HIS GLORY!

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