Some ways they play.

Some ways they play.

Ever since Jen showed back up in our lives a year ago, our mate intake has increased. I give the kids a couple sips throughout the week. Well, except for Jumpy; he/she gets what I get, mmm. Wait. Maybe that’s why he’s so jumpy! IMG_0082

I know, I know, I’ve talked about this dollhouse plenty, but I took a picture after listening in on one of their playing sessions. The naughty kids had to take a nap while the mom and dad got to watch a movie. Niiiice.IMG_0095

We walked to the library on one of my lesser pain days; felt so wonderful to be alive! (Plus, it wasn’t -3 degrees outside. *shiver*) I guess we played for too long there, because Jaeda fell asleep on the way home!IMG_0104 IMG_0105

And listening to them play in their usual silly, unintelligible ways is always entertaining for me, even on my hardest days.


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