LaRoy Family Christmas

LaRoy Family Christmas

Soo Christmas still wasn’t done, and it was almost New Years’! We spentĀ our last day in Michigan with James’ sister, her husband, aaaand their daughter whom we got to meet for our first time since her birth…last year! What a precious little darling she is, with the biggest smile, sweetest disposition, and really great parents to boot. We only hope it’ll be only a year (or less!) til we get to see them again! After spending the afternoon with them, we traveled over to an aunt and uncle’s house where his extended family welcomed us as warmly as immediate family. It was delicious, comfortable, and generous hospitality at its finest! The kids even received adorable little stuffed animals wrapped in homemade baby blankets. And James and I made out with some chocolate and world class nuts, which surely are no longer in existence anymore. For the last time, Merry Christmas!

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