Anniversary #8 is getting closer to #10!

Anniversary #8 is getting closer to #10!


Several months ago, James won an auction at his work for a room at the Loews’ near O’Hare Airport in Chicago. We knew right away that we’d use it for our anniversary. Our eighth anniversary, to be precise. If you’ve been around for many anniversaries, you know that I basically shout It’s our anniversary! everywhere we go. Free desserts, kinder service, and champagne abound when you do, jus’ sayin’. This anniversary was a little different than our normal let’s-check-out-the-town, walk-the-main-strip, go-ice-skating kind of anniversary. I’m still hurtin’ in my hip flexors. As long as I’m not sitting, walking, or laying down, I’m pretty good. Yeah. Kinda a recipe for the blahs when you’re trying to celebrate your love. But we went in full knowing that we wouldn’t be doing a whole lot, and walla, low expectations equalled a great time! We talked, read, prayed, slept in, reminisced our beginnings, aaaand came a little closer on their elusive baby names. Or let’s just say James came closer to me on that. The other two kids, we both were really equal in contributing names, but this time, I feel really strongly about both genders! Soo I think we’ve come to the agreement that if we don’t talk about it, maybe it will just go away. It’s worked for eight months so far. Something tells me next month all that will change…

Anyways, we did some eating out, mall walking (and sitting)–which, by the way, was right next door to our hotel and which we decided to drive to and actually spent more time driving through parking garages than we would have just walking!–and checked out some local artists at our hotel. Of course, I wore my new belly-friendly coat and nearly blended into one giant art piece!

Definitely the most chill anniversary we’ve experienced, but there’s a season for big party celebrations aaaand we’re not in it. This was more than sufficient, very relaxing, and of course, we invited George Muller to join us on our drives. Someday, we will finish that book. Only four chapters to go!IMG_0103 IMG_0563

James took this picture for Jaeda based on her delight in our tree.

One of 12 (?) levels of the outlet mall’s parking garage.

Don’t worry, the heels just got me from the car to the
restaurant, down a hallway, and up to our room. Barely.IMG_0568 IMG_0571

Happy #8 to us!

  • Alisha Miller
    Posted at 21:37h, 09 January Reply

    Sounds wonderful! Happy anniversary! Are you reading George Muellers autobiography? It’s a good one. He sounds like a good guest to invite along.

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