Corban turned four!

Corban turned four!

Corban has apparently found out that being four means playing with Legos, not Duplos. I really thought we had another year, but once we did the Lego Scavenger Hunt at the library, he could barely bring himself to look at his Duplos. Okay, I totally exaggerate; he still played with them all the time but only because he didn’t have access to any Legos. So this birthday, we celebrated by eating a Lego cake (in his letter) and giving him his first official Lego set–a helicopter/jet ski/airplane, depending which directions you follow. We started the celebration Sunday by eating said cake with our life group and singing a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday.IMG_0028



Then on Tuesday, his actual birthday, he came downstairs to a present (the helicopter) waiting for him at his seat and a special egg burrito.IMG_0031

After shaking it quite a bit, he was ohso hopeful that it would be Legos!IMG_0033

It was!


He actually hugged them, he was that excited.IMG_0035

And could barely eat his breakfast for all the anticipation of putting it together.IMG_0036

Then, since Tuesdays were my babysitting days at church, we did our usual thing there but with a slight twist. James came to the church about an hour before we normally leave…to take Corban to birthday lunch at Culvers. He (James) said it was such a precious time–Dad and Son. Poor Jaeda, however, did NOT understand why her daddy wasn’t including HER in his man date. There was only so much awesome I could add to the end of babysitting to help her cope. After supper that night, James took him out again…to a Grace College basketball game. It just so happened to be alumni night, so they got in free! He got to stay up late, eat lots of his favorite foods, and spend loads of time with his dad. It really was a treat of a day.

The next day, we left after lunch for Wisconsin, to celebrate Thanksgiving with James’ family. James’ mom had already asked for Corban’s preferred supper menu so she could give him a little birthday food loving as well. His response? Hamburgers with cheese, macaroni and cheese,  cucumber salad, and blueberry cake. Quite the unusual request…especially as he doesn’t like pasta but she acquiesced, and it suited us all quite nicely.



Then he got to open his Wisconsin family presents.IMG_0501

A classic book James and his mom loved to read together, years ago…IMG_0504


…his very first legit game. It’s an alphabet game where you use the toucan to pick up letters to get four in a row. And the fruit bowl lets you pick up whatever letter you want. Don’t even get me started on the double fruit bowl. If he’s not playing Legos, he’s playing this game. If he’s not playing this game, he’s talking about this game, begging someone to play with him. He lost to Grandma several times, but before we left, HE GOT THE K AND WON! He’s still talking about that winning K and hoping that someday he can beat Grandma again. Not many people beat Grandma in games, so we’ll see if that can actually happen. But for now, he’s soundly beating me and Jaeda (with the occasional Mom win). And he’s even learning how to rejoice with others and not gloat…too much. ;)

He played with Uncle Tom’s Lego Technic’s race car…with some assistance from Uncle Tom and played with the rest of their giant tub of Legos the rest of the time.


That evening we gave Grandma and Grandpa half of their Christmas present: How to Babysit a Grandma/GrandpaWe had to give it to them early since we won’t see them at Christmas and just had to read it with them! So Corban got to spend his birthday celebration night reading with Grandpa. The perfect end.



  • Alisha Miller
    Posted at 12:39h, 11 December Reply

    Ugh, legos. Sophie played with them at the McLaurins this summer and was in love with them… but I’m still putting off getting any. The tininess of them gives me the heebie jeebies.

    • theredheads
      Posted at 13:47h, 11 December Reply

      I’m pretty sure the McLaurins’ were our introduction to Legos too! They’re either gonna be an upstairs or basement toy once the new baby starts grabbing, just not on the main floor! But I will say for as much as I didn’t want to get them yet…you sure can build a whole lot more with them!

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