Just Like Daddy.

Just Like Daddy.

I like to claim at least a half part contribution to the adorableness of these children. Especially to all the folks who see just me and the kids out in public and wonder incredulously where they got their red hair. I mean, comeĀ on! But for as much as they are like me, they are oh-so like their dad.

in their big cheesy grinsIMG_0030


in their just-woke-up expressions (I’m sure James’ hair would be messy…were it there;))IMG_0051

in their outdoor mishaps
(Corban landed on his handlebar–with no rubber covering)

and in the precious way they curtsey and twirl “just yite Cindareya!”IMG_0044

oh wait, I’ll take credit for that oneIMG_0046

and of course in the way they dance

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