When 20 questions becomes 20 clues becomes let’s-just-finish-this-game!

When 20 questions becomes 20 clues becomes let’s-just-finish-this-game!

Amazing how simple something seems
when you’re 29
and you’ve done it all your life.

Amazing how complicated it is
when you’re nearly 4
and you’ve never even heard of it.

20 Questions.

The best game
for the best laughs
(on the parental end)
and confused expressions
(on the young children end).

Just listen.

MOM: We’re gonna play a new game. A game about thinking. I’m gonna think of something, and you have to guess it!
CORBAN: All right! I’ll look for it!
M: Well, you can’t see it. Here, I’m thinking of something that’s green. Can you think of anything that’s green?
C: *points* Is it that?
M: Nope, it’s not in this room.
C: *looks in different room* Is it this?
M: Nope, it’s not even in this house. *transitions to 20 Clues, since these questions are getting us nowhere* It’s green…and it moves. Can you think of anything that’s green and moves?
DAD: *interjecting* It lives outside.
C: It does?! Let’s go see! *runs to the door*
M: *trying to re-explain* Well, with this game, we’re just thinking about things. We can’t actually see them.
C: But it’s outside; I have to check it out!
M: *ignoring* Okay, so it’s green, it moves, it lives outside…
D: How does it move, Mom?
M: Ooo that’s a good question. It hops! Can you think of something that’s green and moves and lives outside and hops?
C: A BUNNY!!!!!
M: *heaves great sigh, then muffles giant chuckles*
D: Good guess! *much more gracious than I* But is a bunny green?
JAEDA: *hopping around the house* Hop! Hop! Hop!
M: *ready to move on* Okay, so it’s green, it moves, it lives outside, it hops, aaaaaand it makes the noise ribbit.
C: *really thinking*
D: *whispers* What says ribbit?
C: A FROG!!!!!
J: Hop, hop, hop, RIBBIT!

Sigh of relief. I was ready to call it a night a try again
you know, in a year or so,
but Corban declared it was his turn.


C: I’m thinking of something blue. *looks around the room*
M: Is it in this room?
C: Yep, and it’s RED! *eyes very conspicuously land on new object* Can you see it, Mom? Can you SEE it?
M: Nope, I’m not looking; I’m just thinking.
C: But Mom, it’s RIGHT THERE! *pointing frantically*
M: So it’s red. Hmm…Is it a red Lego?
C: Nope, buuuut it hops!
M: *feeling confused since I know exactly what he was looking at* *start giggling hopelessly* So it’s red, it hops, and it’s in this room, huh?
C: Yep, it’s red and it hops aaaaand it’s my SLIPPERS!
M: *stunned silence, pondering*
D: Can slippers hop?
J: *continues hopping around the living room* Hop, hop, hop!
C: Weeeell, my slippers were pretending to be frogs, so they were hopping! This is a great game, Mom!
M: *falls apart in laughter* Very…creative, Corban. Aaaand BED TIME, KIDS!


Yep, this is the kid that makes us all laugh.

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