While Mom’s Away

While Mom’s Away

I’ve gotten to be away for a whole weekend two months in a row! In September, it was our annual Father/Daughter Retreat in Northern Michigan. In October, it was the True Woman Conference in Indianapolis with lovely, God-fearing women from our church. James and I talked about it at great length, since it seemed hardly fair. But we decided to go for it, because once this baby’s born, I won’t be away for at least another year. Stocking up on refreshing weekends away in advance!

James and the kids faired quite nicely without me, attending pizza parties, birthday parties, block parties, fall festivals (where Jaeda won a HUGE pumpkin bowl of candy corn!), and more more more. We’re really loving these more independent ages. I mean, Corban can get his own water, go to the bathroom (hand-washing and all!) without assistance, get dressed, and set the table. Jaeda’s almost potty-trained, puts her shoes on by herself, and loves to play with her big brother (without need for Mom or Dad!) all day long. Aaah, such freedom. And then reality kicks me in the stomach (literally, this baby is quite the active one), and we realize with wide eyes that we’re starting over. I don’t know how my parents started over nine times! But I do know the Lord will give us grace and that we are getting more excited by the day to meet this new little one!

Speaking of potty training, I’ve been working with Jaeda for over a month now. She stays dry but hoooooolds it for so long, she’ll start crying and beg, “Diaper, Mommy, DIAPER!” while doing the potty dance. So she’ll wait til nap time and bed time (her only diaper times) and soak through her diaper. So. I was gone two weekends ago and received this text, “Jaeda peed in the potty!” While I tried to jump up and down for joy, I mostly fumed. Oh suuuure, IIII’ve been working with her for WEEKS, and here Dad comes in and gets all the credit; not fair! But truly, I am so thrilled. And pottying has gotten so much easier for her. Fewer and fewer accidents. We’ve even ventured outside the house for an hour plus at a time in princess undies! 
IMG_0306 IMG_0308 IMG_0309 IMG_0360 IMG_0361

A view of the 8,500 women down in Indy. I was so blessed by Joni Eareckson Tada’s presentation, Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s recitation of over 200 verses, and Chrissy Toledo’s moving testimony, as well as wonderful conversation with beautiful women from our church. God was present, and it was obvious!


Our favorite Michigan library. IMG_0411 IMG_0413 IMG_0414

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