When the life group retreats.

When the life group retreats.

Well, I started this post exactly two weeks ago. Then I took a break to blink and just opened my eyes today! Actually, I started working on a book I officially wrote in college and forgot all about photos and blogs and funny stories. After reading it with adult eyes, I realized there wasn’t one.single.word I would leave the same, so I’ve scratched it all and have completely started over! But. More on that, um, someday.

In case you don’t remember, we have a life group, and we love them. They’re our family here, our brothers and sisters, our kids’ cousins, our dear friends. We celebrate birthdays and anniversaries together, watch each others’ kids (which is getting progressively more difficult since the procreation in these couples just.won’t.stop!), mourn difficult losses, pray, and hash out the Gospel’s implications in our lives–and in our group since the Gospel of grace and forgiveness and love has surely had to be applied inwardly as well! Oh. And we sleep over together once or twice a year too. From a Saturday lunch to a Sunday nap in the fall, we belong to each other.

We talked, talked, and did a little more talking, played, wrestled, got bit by a mosquito on an EYE, drank mate, fed one another belly and soul, didn’t shower, didn’t wear makeup, did wear pjs, went to bed at midnight, did some fabulous Jamberry nails (to raise funds for the Mandukas’ hopeful adoption! seriously, if you like fun nails at a great price and wanna book a party or buy from her website, please check out her link! yes, this is an unashamed plug for her because we are SO excited for the next addition to their family that the Lord would will!), TOOK A SUCCESSFUL GROUP PHOTO (does anyone understand how difficult it is for four young families and a rowdy college girl to all cheese in one place at one time?!), prayed, laughed, and left in time for everyone to still be happy with everyone else.

We’re a group that is committed to doing life together.

We’re a life group.
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