Explosions aren’t for {our} babies.

Explosions aren’t for {our} babies.

We spent the 4th of July with James’ folks. We like to use the longer weekends for the longer travels. We’ve got this drive down to a science.

Leave right after work.
Drive 30-60 minutes.
Stop for supper.
Get kids in pjs.
Watch one movie.
Kids sleep; we read/chat.
(James drive; Sarah sleep.)
Arrive before midnight.

It’s worth the late night to wake up there and have the whole day with our family! This year, James and I even got a date afternoon out of the deal! Unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy it to its full potential due to this awful, unceasing nausea. But to have the extra eyes and hands on the kids was so helpful for us!

James and Corban relived James’ Hot Wheels glory days with the loop track. Over and over and over.

But the most anticipated part of the weekend was the fireworks. Well, anticipated by us; dreaded by the kids. The last time we did big fireworks was when Corban was 7 months old. He slept the whole time, so I’m not sure it really counts. It certainly didn’t get him accustomed to them! Both he and Jaeda fell asleep during the show, NOT because it was so late (although it was) but because it was so loud. They cried a bit and then crashed in our arms. Next year we’ll have a baby again, so this may have been our last go at it for the next couple years! 20140704_220247

As we walked back to our car, Corban woke up enough to say, “Let’s not come back to the place again.” Here’s hoping my love for fireworks rubs off on them sooooon!

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