The project that wasn’t supposed to be.

The project that wasn’t supposed to be.

A little while ago, I mentioned that one of James’ coworkers gave
us an easel no longer desired by her grandkids. We were thrilled!DSC_1593

After playing with it for a few weeks, I realized that the chalkboard side
was pretty well worn through to the wood in several areas. So I decided to
tape off the frame and paint the chalkboard. Teeny project. Half a naptime.

Then I realized that it would be easier to just take the chalkboard off and paint it on
the ground. But in order to take the chalkboard off, I had to take apart the frame a bit.


Next thing I knew, the whole easel was in pieces on my floor,
and I was going down to the basement to get the sander. DSC_1703
A couple nap times and coats of paint later, I sprayed
a protective coating on it, and we started using it today.  DSC_1995

I’m a big fan of the modernized colors.
(All from different house projects: hello, free!)DSC_1996

Doesn’t that black chalkboard look nice? DSC_1999

Even a little paper roll to pull over the top.DSC_2000

I like using items we like,
but I love using items we love!


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