Corban and Outside and ‘Boocha and Friends

Corban and Outside and ‘Boocha and Friends

Corban was given a helmet recently. He wore it for two days straight. Our summer goal is to get him to ride all the way to the library (and back)–a one-mile roundtrip! He reminds me every time he rides, every time we drive, every time he sees his bike: “Mom, my goal is to ride to the library. It’s gonna be hard, but I’m gonna do it, Mom!” We’ll practice going a couple blocks first, but I’m confident he’ll make that goal (and hopefully by that point it’ll actually be warm out!).20140412_182455

Last time, I wrote that Corban was down to two ish naps a week. He actually did four naps last week…on accident. I greeted him when he awoke one particular afternoon, “Wow, sweetheart, what a good nap you took.” *bewildered look* “No! I did NOT take a nap, Mom!” *glances at red marks and sleepy eyes* “Oooh, okay, looks like you just rested well.” “Nope, nope, I didn’t rest. I just didn’t.” Uh huh. Okay.

We’re finally out for more walks. Well, not really last week since it rained But wow, have my spirits been lifted by getting real Vitamin D! Our neighborhood has come out of its hibernating cave. One neighbor has upgraded their play set, so if the half-block walk to the park feels too far, we can just go two houses down. I grew up in the country…and loved it, couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. But I gotta say, I love living in town. Friends, easy biking distance to everywhere, quick drive/ride to the places we love, just rubbing shoulders with believers and unbelievers alike on a daily basis. Uncertain what our future holds, but I sure do like our present!20140417_123158

Flavoring kombucha with real fruit has surprised me. Fruit-infused water has always struck me as incredibly flavor-less, and I really didn’t expect much more for kombucha. But WOW was I wrong. Glad Brittani shared her success story, else I never would have tried it myself. (True about many things, yes?) If you want more information about this rich probiotic, check out what Modern Alternative Mama has to say.20140501_163604

We’re deep in the throes of family life. Darlings, diaper bags, discipline, and deflated sleep rule our lives. But. We’re doing it! We life group girls have seven kids between the four of us (plus one on the way–nope, not us:), but we still intentionally choose each other, spend time together. Sometimes the time is spent mostly playing with kids, a partial conversation thrown in here and there only to be finished via email later. Sometimes we lunch together and nap all our kids in one house and get intimate heart-to-heart time. Sometimes we all end up sick because of it. Sometimes we all end up canceling because life is hard and it happens. But for as hard (and long, does it last forever??) as this season feels, living it with others makes it so much more doable. I thank God for giving me energy to wake up early enough to spend time with Him many days, but sometimes I thank Him even more for giving us community here and now. And then we go to bed and listen to the little noises and breathe in this family love and breathe out our Heavenly Father’s grace and in our spouse’s teamwork and out our Father’s smile and in…


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