One Less Hutchens (or is it one more?)

One Less Hutchens (or is it one more?)

My little sister Mary just married the love of her life last Thursday.
In Vegas.
I can’t think of anything more Ryan and Mary than that!

Since Jon and Hoopie were staying with us for spring break
and Ben lives with us, we had a regular celebration in their honor!

Pretzel bites style!
Some garlic butter ones,
cheesy ones,
and cinnamon sugar ones.

(I just made the dough in my bread machine,
broke it into little chunks,
boiled the dough, then baked it.)


The sound was a little iffy, so we plugged some volume-controlling headphones in and
passed them around our little group. The rule was whoever had the headphones had
to repeat whatever was being said. It was pretty great.

Courtney made this sweet GIF of the livestream. Thanks for helping us remember it well!


Congrats, Mr. & Mrs. Smith!

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